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United States

The best tool with the best support. The app is straightforward but I had a question on a set up for a discount code to only work for signed in members. I was quickly put on a video call where they walked me through my mistakes and solved the issue I was facing. All in under 10 mins!

Great company, great customer service, and GREAT APP!!!

Youth & Earth EU Store

Youth & Earth EU Store


The app seems to be working fine.

However, one thing I can say which is even better than the app is the technical support (especially Andrea).

I would recommend the app to everyone who is looking to customise their checkout, even only for these reasons.




So far, using SupaEasy has been... super easy! It's a great replacement for Shopify Scripts and setting up automatic discounts. App support has been fantastic as well, and it's great that every week there's new updates and upgrades that improve and extend the base functionality.


Slam Jam

Slam Jam


Honestly one of the best support experience that I had since we're using Shopify. Really thanks to Andrea for his commitment, passion and the desire to find always a solution when is possible. Last but not least since Shopify will deprecate the use of the script, this app can't miss on the store. Great work guys.




This is a great and powerful extension to Shopify that enables us to add custom functionality on our own.
Particularly noteworthy is the professional support we got from Andrea to help us with the first steps.
With such backup it is quite comfortable to implement an app like SupaEasy and really take advantage of it.




For us coming from Shopify Scripts and doing customization with checkout.liquid this app has been a savior for us! Shopify Functions is a big step for people that are not used to make custom apps, so Supaeasy is the way to go.

Andrea is offering extremely good support! One of the best support we have ever experienced from any apps on Shopify!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SupaEasy?

SupaEasy is a Shopify app that allows merchants to create Shopify functions that run based on specific qualifiers and execute actions such as applying discounts, renaming payment or shipping methods, and more, using native Shopify functions.

SupaEasy is also useful for migrating from legacy Shopify Scripts to new Shopify functions. Since it shares the same logic as scripts, SupaEasy can migrate almost all of your scripts. However, you will need to recreate them from scratch using our function builder.

At the moment SupaEasy is available only for Shopify.

What are Shopify Functions?

Shopify Functions allow developers to customize the backend logic that powers parts of Shopify.

At the moment the following functions are available:

  1. Shipping Function
  2. Order Discount Function
  3. Product Discount Function
  4. Payment Function

Functions run on Shopify infrastructure, ensuring their safety and security, and once created, nothing is shared with us, so your privacy is protected. We do not ask for any permissions on your data, ensuring that your data stays within your control.

Did we tell you that functions can be used by stores on any plan? You don’t need to be on Plus Plan to use Shopify functions.

How to migrate from Scripts to Functions?

To migrate your store’s backend customizations from legacy scripts to new functions, you need to recreate the same logic that you had in your script using our function creator. If you need help replicating a functionality, feel free to send us an email. We would be glad to help.

Unfortunately, at the moment we do not have any bulk import or automatic transformer that can take a legacy script as input and create a function. You will need to manually create the function in SupaEasy.


Do I need a Plus Plan to use Shopify Functions?

SupaEasy can be used by stores on any plan to create Shopify Functions, you don’t need a Shopify Plus Plan to create functions with SupaEasy.