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Choosing the best Functions generator?
It's not easy it's SupaEasy.

SupaEasy empowers you to upgrade your store experience with smart features, a smoother checkout,
advanced customization and effortless management – all without coding.

Create and manage all types of discounts that are most used and convert the most, add single or multiple conditions and enjoy the increase in revenue; this is what SupaEasy can do for you.

It is a sure fact that by changing the delivery options in the checkout you can save both you and your customers on shipping and avoid unwanted costs. It’s time to start taking control.

Have you ever thought that by changing the payment options at checkout you can save money and protect yourself from fraud? That’s right, with SupaEasy you can do it.

You can block or validate every order or purchase on your site, nothing manual, all automatic and without code but above all infinite conditions to apply, avoid unwanted headaches.

How your industry can benefit SupaEasy?

SupaEasy offers a seamless experience and powerful functions tailored to your store’s needs.

Fashion & Clothing

Jewellery & Luxury

Food & Beverage

Sport & Fitness

Health & Beauty

Electronics & Gaming

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SupaEasy?

SupaEasy is a Shopify app that allows merchants to create Shopify functions that run based on specific qualifiers and execute actions such as applying discounts, renaming payment or shipping methods, and more, using native Shopify functions.

SupaEasy is also useful for migrating from legacy Shopify Scripts to new Shopify functions. Since it shares the same logic as scripts, SupaEasy can migrate almost all of your scripts. However, you will need to recreate them from scratch using our function builder.

At the moment SupaEasy is available only for Shopify.

What are Shopify Functions?

Shopify Functions allow developers to customize the backend logic that powers parts of Shopify.

At the moment the following functions are available:

  1. Shipping Function
  2. Order Discount Function
  3. Product Discount Function
  4. Payment Function

Functions run on Shopify infrastructure, ensuring their safety and security, and once created, nothing is shared with us, so your privacy is protected. We do not ask for any permissions on your data, ensuring that your data stays within your control.

Did we tell you that functions can be used by stores on any plan? You don’t need to be on Plus Plan to use Shopify functions.

How to migrate from Scripts to Functions?

To migrate your store’s backend customizations from legacy scripts to new functions, you need to recreate the same logic that you had in your script using our function creator. If you need help replicating a functionality, feel free to send us an email. We would be glad to help.

Unfortunately, at the moment we do not have any bulk import or automatic transformer that can take a legacy script as input and create a function. You will need to manually create the function in SupaEasy.

Do I need a Plus Plan to use Shopify Functions?

SupaEasy can be used by stores on any plan to create Shopify Functions, you don’t need a Shopify Plus Plan to create functions with SupaEasy.