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How to migrate from Legacy Scripts to Shopify Functions with SupaEasy


Are you still relying on outdated legacy scripts for your Shopify store? While Shopify has recently extended the timeline for Shopify Scripts deprecation to August 28, 2025, migrating from Legacy Scripts to Shopify Functions remains the optimal path forward. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! This article will demonstrate you how to migrate from Legacy Scripts to Shopify Functions and generate custom functions using SupaEasy, the Shopify Functions Generator.

The evolution of Shopify customization

The introduction of Shopify Scripts marked a significant turning point in merchant customization capabilities. Scripts offered an unprecedented level of flexibility, allowing merchants to modify functionalities ranging from discount application to shipping rate adjustments. However, as technological advancements continued apace, Shopify recognized the need for a more robust and scalable solution. This need ultimately led to the development and introduction of Shopify Functions.

Benefits of Shopify Functions over Legacy Scripts

Shopify Functions offer a variety of advantages over their predecessor. They are designed with scalability, security, and efficiency in mind, providing merchants with a more streamlined approach to customizing their store’s backend logic. Unlike Scripts, which could sometimes be complex and hard to manage, Functions are more intuitive and user-friendly, making it easier for merchants to implement and maintain customizations.

By migrating from Legacy Scripts to Shopify Functions, merchants can ensure:

  • Improved Performance: Functions are optimized for speed and performance, ensuring your store runs smoothly even during high-traffic periods.
  • Enhanced Security: With built-in security features, Functions offer a more secure way to customize your store, reducing the risk of vulnerabilities.
  • Scalability: As your business grows, Functions can easily adapt to your evolving needs, making it a more future-proof solution.

With Shopify’s deprecation deadline approaching, it’s crucial for merchants to make the switch to Functions to ensure their store remains functional and secure post-August 28, 2025.

Introducing SupaEasy: your smart solution for migration

Migrating from Legacy Scripts to Shopify Functions may seem daunting, but with the right tools, it can be a breeze. SupaEasy – Shopify Functions Generator – provides a seamless solution to migrate those scripts and unlock the full potential of Shopify Functions.

Key Features of SupaEasy:

  • Generate custom Functions: SupaEasy allows you to create custom discounts, shipping, payment functions without coding. Whether you’re a Shopify Plus user or a regular Shopify merchant, SupaEasy caters to all your customization needs.
  • AI Functions Generator: simply describe what you need in the text field and SupaEasy’s AI assistant will generate the function for you. It’s as easy as copy and paste!
  • Migrator: SupaEasy’s migrator simplifies the transition from legacy scripts to modern functions. Simply upload your script and SupaEasy translates it into a new function with equivalent functionality.

How to migrate from Legacy Scripts to Shopify Functions with SupaEasy, the Shopify Functions Generator

Here’s a quick text-based guide:

  1. Install SupaEasy: head to the Shopify App Store and install the SupaEasy app.
  2. Access Function Generator: once installed, navigate to the SupaEasy dashboard and access the Function Generator.
  3. Choose your Function type: select whether you want to create a discount, shipping or payment function.
  4. Input details: describe your requirements in the text field and let SupaEasy’s AI assistant generate the function for you.
  5. Copy and paste: Once generated, simply copy the function and paste it into your Shopify store’s backend.

To discover more about the advanced tools check our tutorial.

So, which are the benefits of using SupaEasy?

SupaEasy – Shopify Functions Generator – streamlines the process of customizing your Shopify store. The days of dedicating significant resources to deciphering complex code are gone. SupaEasy’s intuitive interface fosters a user-friendly environment, empowering individuals of all technical backgrounds to generate and migrate custom functions.  This translates into substantial cost savings, eliminating the need for external developer resources and enabling you to manage your store’s functionalities entirely in-house.

To conclude…

The deprecation of Shopify Scripts is inevitable, but with SupaEasy by your side, migrating to Shopify Functions is a walk in the park. Don’t wait until the last minute—migrate your existing Scripts to Shopify Functions today and ensure your store remains functional and secure post-August 28, 2025. Ready to make the smart move? Install SupaEasy now and take control of your Shopify store’s customization like never before!

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